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A delicious sauce with almost no calories seems too good to be true. Normal chocolate sauce contains almost 75% carbohydrates and 50% sugar. CleanFoods has however managed to develop a delicious product which will not make you put on weight. Suitable for diabetics, vegetarian and sugar free!


The new revolution of American pancakes - the perfect pancake for breakfast, lunch or as a healthy snack. Available in 5 tasty flavours.


SlimCake contains 75-90% less calories than regular mug/cupcakes. It’s very low in fat, glutenfree and sugarfree.


You can enjoy lovely hot chocolate without the guilt. Slimchoco only has 11 kcal per 100ml and vitamins and minerals have been added.


The really tasty Raw Diet shakes by CleanFoods containing high quality ingredients are a proven diet for weight loss without hunger pangs.


This irresistibly delicious syrup without calories by CleanFoods is sugar free! Delicious with pancakes, in yogurt, and cream cheese or as a topping for your dessert.


Nos tablettes de RawChoco faites à la main, vont révolutionner le monde du chocolat. Découvrez nos tablettes crémeuses, délicieuses et sains en 3 saveurs différentes: blanc, au lait et noir. Sans sucre, sans gluten, rempli de vitamines et de glucomannane. La combinaison d'un goût exclusivement riche & des aspects qui favorisent la santé, est unique dans le monde.

Enjoy a different range of our products with our Choco Tryout packs.

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