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In 2014 we had only one question: Why is there no healthy, simple and tasty alternative to unhealthy everyday food that we all long for?

We found the secret!!

We’ve started our research around the world. Until we found a unique fiber. It has been secretly contributing to an unrivalled level of health in Japan for centuries. The discovery of this fiber was followed by a long development process. Months of research, weeks in the lab and days of consultation to develop the perfect product for you. Our first product was born: RawSpaghetti. Soon after, an Asian noodle and rice variety followed.

With 98% fewer calories than traditional pasta, a revolution was born. Bestselling products such as RawPancake and SlimCake followed and millions of people now live a healthier and more vital lifestyle thanks to CleanFoods. We are currently developing a new, unique and delicious product almost every week.

Konnyaku Shirataki!

Konnyaku Shirataki! Konnyaku, as the Japanese call it, is a flower with a unique root bulb. This plant grows only in the high mountains of a nature reserve (2000-5000 meters high) in Asia. The root consists mainly of the unique fiber Glucomannan. This fiber binds water up to 1,000 times of its weight and is therefore extremely satiating. Also, healthy intestine bacteria love this ballast material.

Made with love

Made with love - passion is the driving force behind everything we do. We do not stop until we are really satisfied. That is why all products are developed with love and passion. And this has not gone unnoticed, because we have grown extremely fast. Millions of satisfied customers throughout Europe are already convinced.

CleanFoods is for everyone

CleanFoods is there for everyone - we want everyone to enjoy our products. That’s why almost all our products are free of added sugar, synthetic fragrances, colors, flavors, soy, fat, wheat and gluten. All our products are vegetarian and we are working to make more and more products completely vegan.

Every day we try to make our company step by step greener, from packaging to transport. And we always want to surprise you with delicious, unique and sometimes even separate products. With exceptional service and passion. With more and more useful tips and information - and we’re always open for your feedback.

Join now the CleanFoods Revolution!

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